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  • Houston officials calling for public with boats and high-water vehicles to assist with rescues, if possible: 713-881-3100. Please Copy Paste Share this!



$1 Billion NFL Class Action Settlement Affirmed, But Still Contested

The Third Circuit in April 2016 held that the estimated $1 billion settlement reached by National Football League (“NFL”) and more than 20,000 retired NFL ...
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The Lone Pine Order Surfaces in Product Liability MDLs

The term “Lone Pine Order” has its origin in a 1989 New Jersey Superior Court toxic tort case, Lore v. Lone Pine Corp. In that ...
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Bankruptcy May Not Bar Tort Claims

In July, the Second Circuit issued an opinion that allowed hundreds of personal injury and economic damage claims arising from faulty ignition switches to proceed ...
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California Embraces Mass Actions

California Embraces Mass Actions In late August, the California Supreme Court issued a precedential decision in Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. v. Superior Court, holding that California ...
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New Website Deployed by Chalaki Law

Chalaki Law has deployed the latest in a series of mobile friendly web sites to support our mobile client base ...
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